Battle of Mount Uhud 23rd March 625 AD

Following the Battle of Badr, Meccan forces were determined to end the threat of the Muslims and sent a force of 3,000 infantry and cavalry against the forces of Muhammad which were estimated at around 1000. The forces clashed on the slopes and plains of Mount Uhud near Medina, the Muslims took the initiative with their slingers and archers proving very effective at breaking up Meccan cavalry attacks and drove the Meccan forces back, but when the Meccan camp became unprotected the Muslim forces broke off to loot the camp only to be counter attacked by Meccan cavalry, the Muslim forces fell back to the slopes of the mount where the Meccan cavalry could not follow and the fighting ended.

Muslim tradition also described various atrocities carried out in the aftermath of the battle including the mutilation of Muslim bodies and even an accusation of cannibalism. The battle resulted in about 10% of the Muslim forces being killed and certainly damaged Muslim morale, the Mecca Army did not follow up their advantage and failed to achieve any strategic aims but returned home claiming a great victory. The battle is also seen as the first sign of the tactical ability of Khalid ibn-Walid who would later be a key Muslim General in the war against the Sassanid Empire

The Message. One of the very few films about the life of Muhammad and is reasonably accurate in its depictions of the battles. As it is respectful of Muslim beliefs Muhammad is not portrayed by an actor and is not ‘seen’ during the film.
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