Light Tank Mk IIB, A4

The Light Tank Mark IIB was the designation given to twenty one Mark IIs built by Vickers-Armstrong during 1931. The main difference between the various versions of the Mark II was in the fuel tanks. While the Mark IIA had two smaller tanks, the Mark IIB had a single large tank on the right side. The Mark IIB was built with the No 1 Mk 2 turret, which had bullet-proofed air louvres on the side of the turrets, with anti-bullet splash guards. They were originally built with the two spring Horstmann suspension used on the Mark II, although some were later given the more advanced four spring system used on the Light Tank Mark III.

Light Tank Mark IIB, A4
A4E17 (Prototype)

Production: 21 (1931)
Hull Length: 11ft 8in
Hull Width: 6ft 1in
Height: 6ft 9in
Crew: 2
Weight: 4.25 tons
Engine: 66 hp Rolls Royce 6-cylinder
Max Speed: 30mph
Max Range: 125 operational radius
Armament: One .303in Vickers machine guns
Armour: 10-4mm

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