Flakpanzer IV/3cm Flakvierling/ Zerstörer 45

The Zerstörer 45 was a more powerful version of the Wirbelwind Flakpanzer, designed to compensate for the relatively low power of the quadruple 2cm guns used in the earlier vehicle.

The Zerstörer 45 was to be armed with quadruple 3cm Flakvierling 103/38 guns. A single prototype was built in December 1944, combining the new guns with the chassis of a Möbelwagen. It was then planned to fit the bigger guns into a Wirbelwind turret, but this work may never have been carried out. The Zerstörer 45 would probably have been an effective anti-aircraft weapon if it had been developed earlier, but by the end of 1944 the Ostbau company was being pushed west by the advancing Russians, and like the Ostwind II nothing came of this project.

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