Jena, 1806, David Chandler

Jena, 1806, David Chandler

Napoleon Destroys Prussia (Osprey Military Campaign)

A 96 page osprey campaign book with the usual winning combination of orders of battle, 3D and 2D colour maps, black and white plates and colour plates. The book includes many full colour plates of uniforms which are very good but are taken from Ospreys dealing with different troop types so will be familiar to some readers. This book covers the campaign which many feel was Napoleon's best and which the German high command took inspiration from when planning the Blitzkrieg of World War Two.  It has a more serious feel than more modern ospreys written by the famous expert on Napoleon David Chandler. Includes a section on war gaming but many of the rule sets it mentions may now be very hard to get.

Descent to War
The Battalion Square in action
The Opposing Commanders
The Opposing Armies
The Battle of Jena
Aftermath and an Accounting
The Battlefields today (now over ten years old)
Further Reading
Wargaming Jena-Auerstadt

Author: David Chandler
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 96 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Year: 1993

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