Waterloo: Hanoverian Correspondence One, John Franklin

Waterloo: Hanoverian Correspondence One, John Franklin

This is the first of two volumes of primary sources related to the Hanoverian contingent in the Allied army at Waterloo. This volume contains handwritten documents, while the second volume will look at contemporary printed material. By 1815 the Hanoverian and King's German Legion units covered in this book were largely integrated into the British army, and at Waterloo they fought as part of British divisions and the British Cavalry Corps.

The majority of the documents presented here came from the archives of Hanover, and were produced in response to a General Order of 1824 in which those officers still serving in the Hanoverian army were asked to provide accounts of their role in the battle. Although they were not produced immediately after the battle, less than a decade had passed and most memories seem fairly clear. Another set of documents were produced in 1835 specifically to help William Siborn produce a model of the battlefield.

This will be a very valuable book for anyone involved in a detailed study of the Battle of Waterloo or of the role of German troops in the Napoleonic Wars. The documents are well translated, read clearly, and are supported by some useful maps and a good index.

General Staff
1st British Division
2nd British Division
3rd British Division
4th British Division
5th British Division
6th British Division
British Cavalry Corps

Author: John Franklin
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 191
Publisher: 1815 Limited
Year: 2010

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