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Russia 1812

In the Legions of Napoleon - the Memoirs of a Polish Officer in Spain and Russia 1808-1813, Henrich von Brandt. The memoirs of a Polish officer from a German background who served with the French from 1808-1813, covering the four years he spent in Spain and the disastrous invasion of Russia of 1812. Provides a rather different viewpoint on these famous campaigns, especially in Spain, where Brandt fought in a part of the war rarely covered by British memoirs. Also includes some more lighthearted moments from Spain, as well as a vivid account of the disastrous retreat from Spain (Read Full Review)
Into Battle with Napoleon 1812 - The Journal of Jakob Walter, ed. Bob Carruthers. The memoirs of a German soldier who fought in Napoleon's army during the campaigns of 1806-7, 1809 and 1812, taking part in the invasion of Russia, fighting at Borodino and suffering during the retreat from Moscow. Simply written, this gives us a view of the supporting armies in the earlier campaigns as well as the appalling suffering during the retreat from Moscow. [read full review]
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With Napoleon's Guard in Russia - The memoirs of Major Vionnet 1812, Louis Joseph Vionnet, trans. Jonathan North. Fascinating memoir written by an officer in the French Imperial Guard during the campaign in Russia in 1812 and the main part of the campaign in Germany in 1813. Vionnet gets us to Moscow rather quickly, but provides far more detail for the fire in Moscow and the desperate retreat which destroyed the Grand Army. [read full review]
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1812 - The March on Moscow, Paul Britten Austin. An account of Napoleon's invasion of Russia as seen by members of the French and Allied army. This first volume of three covers the advance on Moscow, including the battle of Borodino. A compelling vivid account of the first part of one of the most disastrous campaigns in history. [read full review]
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1812 - Napoleon in Moscow, Paul Britten Austin. The second in Britten Austin's excellent trilogy on Napoleon's invasion of Russia, based around eyewitness accounts of the time spent in Moscow, from the fire that destroyed large parts of the city to the eventual decision to leave the city. Covers life in the occupied Russian capital, the failure of attempts to get in touch with the Tsar and the clashes between Ney's advance guard and the Russians as well as the slow isolation of the French as their lines of communication west were put under increasing pressure. [read full review]
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1812 - The Great Retreat, Paul Britten Austin. The third part of a magnificent trilogy, this looks at the disastrous retreat from Moscow, where Napoleon's Grand Army melted away under attack from both the ever-present Cossacks and the bitter Russian winter. Based on eyewitness accounts of the disaster, this is a remarkable study of the horrors of war and the response of an army to a catastrophe. [read full review]
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